Grow Grass Fast

For someone who’s not into gardening or landscaping, the grass is just grass, but this should not be the case. We can benefit from grasses in many ways. It is used as food for livestock and, for some, as part of their landscaping project. This plant is easy to work with. All you need to have are the ideas on how grass should be taken care of. Grass have many different species, and each will have a different way to maintain them. However, the general techniques and ways that the plant is grown should be carefully understood.

Growing grass is a complex process since it depends on the type involved. So make sure that you choose the right kind. Why is it important to choose the right grass? What is the reason behind having to choose the right grass species? In this process, you need to consider major factors. You just need to have the exact seeds and materials to grow them. You will also need to look for the ideal place which will help you on how to grow grass fast.

The first thing to consider is your climate and the zone where you are located. There are two types of humidity in which grass grows, depending of course on the special. The first type is called warm season which of course can come in various forms. The grasses that can grow in this type include Bermuda, zoysia, centipede and others, to name a few. Bent, zoysia, centipede are just a few who are part of the second kind. These are part of the cold season grass. Choosing the right species depending on your zone’s humidity is an important factor to consider when growing the plant. Think about also the elevation of your area and how it is accessible to water and sunlight. The factors should be properly considered if you want the growth of your grass to be healthy.

High maintenance is required for the different species. There are grasses that can easily grow once you planted them but there are those that will need a lot of water, fertilizers, and others. Once you were able to grow the plans, you also need to regularly maintain them. This is where landscaping comes in. In some cases where an extreme weather phenomenon happens like El Nino, growing grass that can resist extreme amounts of heat is needed. It does not require a lot of care since grass grows fast and will survive a long time as long as the soil is in the right condition.
“If you have observed, wild grass grow can anywhere around us. It can be on vacant lots and other spaces that are not well-maintained. With that observation, we can assume that we can cultivate grass easily. The problem now is how do we do this the right way? Thankfully, there are different ways on how to grow grass fast to have a healthy grass. But you should not assume that all grasses have the same way of cultivation. They may be of the same variety, but they are of a different class which means their life cycles are completely different from each other.
The following should be of help on how to grow grass fast.

* Fertilizers and chemicals – You can fertilize your lawn during fall. This is the time when the soil is best penetrated, making it good for planting. So when spring comes, your grass will grow and will feast on the nutrients that you left on the soil. This is the best grass-growing tip any professional landscaper can give, and this is also why they grow such perfect grass. Avoid using pesticides and other chemicals because these will adversely affect the growth of grass.

* Mowing process – Always watch your grass’ height. If you use a lawn mower, set it to at least 3 to 4 inches in height. Remember that the proportion of the blade is the same as the roots. Doing this will be very effective since the cut grass will immediately fall to the ground which will also serve as your fertilizer.

* Soil Testing – Soil Testing should be done so that you will know the type of grass that will be suitable on the kind of soil that you have. This way, you will be sure that the soil and the grass will compatible. After soil testing, experts would advise you to either add more soil to add more nutrients or apply some chemical or fertilizer which can help.

* Variety of the grass – Today, cultured lawn grass are now available. But remember that each of these will have its unique characteristic that you need to ensure soil, humidity and temperature compatibility. If you grow the wrong variety, it will be a total waste of time and money. You need to think about the different considerations the moment you plan to grow grass. Those who don’t appreciate grass may find all of these a waste of time. But those who do will find all the reasons to grow the most beautiful and healthiest grass on their lawn for personal satisfaction.

* Watering your Lawn
As with most living things, the grass can adapt to varying conditions. “Stressing” the grass a little, by not watering too much, is a good idea as it promotes deeper and stronger root growth. This stronger root growth will, in turn, ensure healthier grass growth. Consider the following points: Early morning is the ideal time to water your lawn as it will reach the roots before the heat of the day causes it to evaporate. Mid afternoon is not so good as the water will evaporate and if you water at night, you increase the chance of diseases developing. Water evenly, avoiding “pooling” in areas or missing others.

For lawns on sloping ground, take care that the water does not simply run off or it may wash down all lawn fertilizer that you might have added. You may need to water this area in shorter, more frequent bursts to be sure that the lawn has enough liquid supply.
During hotter times in summer or periods of drought, you may have to make a decision between more regular watering or allowing the lawn to become dormant. Repeatedly allowing the grass to become dormant is not a good idea as it creates too much stress on the plant. A newly planted lawn will require more frequent waterings to ensure that it “beds” down well and that the roots are well established.

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Tips for a Healthy Lawn


Would you like to keep your lawn looking healthy and beautiful always? If yes, appropriate mowing tips and timing is the ultimate secret. Although mowing may seem simple, it’s good to be careful since every time you cut your grass you are creating way for your lawn’s success or failure. If you time the mowing appropriately and mow correctly, your lawn will not struggle to survive. Which is the best time to cut grass?

Best time to mow your lawn:

i. Early morning – Are you thinking of mowing your lawn before leaving for work? This could be an appropriate time especially if you work from morning to evening. However, the sad bit is that the grass is still wet with dew in which case the mower will most likely rip the grass and destroy its beauty as well as its healing process. If you do not want to destroy the grass with diseases, mold and fungus growth, it’s important to avoid this time of the day.

ii. Mid-morning – Many people consider this as the most perfect time for mowing since the morning dew and sprinkled water has already dried off. The perfect cutting time is when the grass is dry and tall for a perfect and clean cut. At such time, the sun is not hot meaning the grass will heal faster unlike when it’s scorching hot.

iii. Mid-day – Cutting grass during the heat of the day is the worst thing you can do to yourself and to your grass. If you are not interested in killing your lawn, then you should avoid cutting the grass when it’s photosynthesizing and utilizing its water supply. Choose the cool hours of the day.

iv. Mid-afternoon – Do you want to scorch and stress yourself in the hot afternoon? Although the temperatures have somehow dropped, mowing at this time will strain your lawn considerably. If you love your lawn, avoid cutting grass at this time of the day.

v. Late afternoon – If mid-morning is not a good timing for you, you should try late afternoon when temperatures have dropped and evening dew has not collected. Again, at this time you will care for your body since you will have some time to recover before sunset.

vi. Early evening – During this time, the temperatures have gone down considerably meaning you nor will the grass be stressed. However, this is not the best timing because your lawn won’t have enough time to heal before the night falls when infections and diseases tend to attack the grass. You should therefore avoid this time at all costs.


Mowing tips

Although choosing the right time is highly important for a perfect looking lawn, having these tips will make your work a lot easier.

1. Do not cut it too short

Are you aware that a scalped lawn is vulnerable to weed infestation and diseases? When you cut the grass too short, you expose soil which is a great contributor to weed success. In addition, a sparse lawn gives sunlight an opportunity to reach the weed seedlings and give them a boost. The final result is a spoilt lawn, with a poorly developed root system and more susceptible to damage from high temperatures and drought.

2. Keep the mower blade sharp

How does it feel to work with a blunt knife or object? A sharp blade cuts grass neatly while a blunt blade creates a jagged and uneven lawn. In addition, it tears grass which paves way for pests and diseases to enter the grass blades. As a result, it is very important to sharpen the blades before mowing to avoid destroying the beauty and reduce the chances of pest infestation.

3. Wet or dry grass?

Is it best to mow a wet or dry lawn? Mowing a wet lawn doesn’t yield the best results since wet grass fills and jams the mower deck creating an uneven cut. Mowing in damp soil increases the chances of wheel ruts and torn up grass. In addition, mowing wet grass consumes more battery power. It is therefore best to conclude that one should lawn when the grass is dry or well watered for a clean and neat cut and to save the extra battery changing costs.

4. Don’t mow during the heat of the day

Always ensure that you mow during morning hours, evening hours or during the cooler part of the day. This is because, during hot hours of the day, grass has higher chances of losing more water and recovering much more slowly. Mow grass in the shade because it loses less water. Don’t stress the grass and yourself. Time appropriately!

5. Stick to the 1/3 rule

Never remove more than 1/3 of the grass blade length at any time while mowing. This helps to keep the grass healthy and well maintained. When you remove more than 1/3, you expose the soil underneath increasing the chances of pest infestation and diseases. Moreover, the top 1/3 of the blade grass is leafy and thin and decomposes fast when cut. In addition, this layer can contribute to some sufficient amount of the nitrogen that your lawn needs.

6. Pattern of mowing

Are you aware that when you mow in the same pattern or direction you risk compacting soil and creating ruts? The sad bit is that, ruts and compacted soil causes unhealthy grass and increases the chances of weed infestation. To avoid this, do not mow in the same direction or follow the same pattern.






7. Mowing on a slope

Do you want to enjoy this holiday season without injuries? If so, then avoid mowing a slope when it is wet. This is because, wet grass creates slippery footing that can cause serious injuries. When mowing a slope, always ensure you mow across and not up and down. If the slope is too steep, consider replacing the grass with an alternative or low maintenance ground cover.


8. Type of mower

If you are looking for an efficient and stress free mower, consider a battery-powered model for fume-free and gas free option. This is simply because; most battery mowers have sufficient power to cut yards at an average height. Choosing the right type of mower makes your job easier and less costly. If you are mowing on extensive yards, consider getting a model that allows you to remove the battery for charging.

These lawn mowing tips coupled with proper timing will give you a perfect and neat lawn. Don’t spoil your beautiful lawn, be responsible.

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Best Lawn Mowing Tips

Best Lawn Mowing Tips

It is always nice to have a well-maintained lawn. The sight of the neatly mowed healthy grass makes you feel so good. However, as it is said, nothing good comes without a bit of trouble and pain. So, if you want a healthy and beautiful lawn, you need to put in a bit of hard work. The primary thing you need to do is learn how to mow in the right manner. Buying the right lawn mower is not enough to maintain a healthy lawn. Wrong mowing techniques can not only hamper the visual appeal of the lawn but also ruin the health of the grass. Here are some lawns mowing techniques that you can use.


Understand the grass

The time and technique of mowing grass depend on the type of grass in your lawn. So, the first thing that you need to do is learn the properties and characteristics of the grass. Find out whether the grass is cool season grass or warm season grass. The pace of growth depends on the grass species. When you know the peak growth season of the grass, you can plan the mowing schedule accordingly.


Notice grass height

The thumb rule for mowing is to check the grass height. If you see the grass growing more aggressively in a particular season, mow more frequently at that time. This is a very important consideration for lawn care because too much of mowing can put excessive pressure on the grass roots and damage the lawn.

When you learn about the grass, pay particular attention to its optimum height. To maintain a healthy lawn, the grass should be cut at one-third of its maximum height. Keeping the height more or less than this is not recommended.


Do not cut when the grass is wet

Cutting wet grass is not a good practice because of two main reasons. First, since the mud underneath the grass is wet and loose, grass might be uprooted during the mowing process. As a result, your lawn ends up being very uneven and unsightly. Second, when the lawn is wet, the lawn mower might slip and pose risks to your safety. Also, the wet grass blocks the mower and forms a mulch that makes it difficult to operate the machine.



Select the right mower

Before mowing what’s important is the selection of appropriate mower without which successful mowing can’t be gained. One should select a mower with sharp blades so that it could give best results to your lawn grass and doesn’t give any unwanted disease also with pest invasion. Be careful while selecting one such device. You can get both Electric and Gas powered mowers.


Do not use a blunt mower

If the blades of your lawn mower are not sharp, they could damage the grass and make the lawn uneven. Before you begin to mow, check whether the blades are blunt. If they are, do not use the machine until you have them sharpened.

How often you should mow your lawns.

While lawn mowing can be a chore for many busy people, and something which we are all guilty of putting off for too long sometimes, regular lawn mowing is also necessary for overall lawn health.

The first reason for maintaining regular lawn mowing is that if we leave lawns to become too long between mowings, then the thatch layer will increase in the lawn. Also, the crowns of the turf will raise higher which when eventually mowed, can easily cause lawn scalping or having the lawn dying off in areas where the crowns of the lawn have been removed when mowing. Leaving lawns too long between mowing is always a high risk of causing lawn damage when the turf is finally mowed.

While the above example is a worst case scenario of leaving lawns for far too long in between mowing, even regular mowing should be given careful consideration as to frequency.

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