Best Smallest Leaf Blowers for the Money

Smallest Leaf Blowers versus Large Leaf Blowers

Small and convenient leaf blowers are a necessary staple in any house these days.

Whether you want to use it outside or inside the house for blowing leaves, targeting dust bunnies under the couch and corners, etc.

Having a practical small and portable leaf blower is now a must!

Amongst hundreds of the smallest leaf blowers being advertised (which include gas, corded and battery-powered) we have selected those with the best reviews overall to be featured below.

Leaf blowers come in various sizes: but in this article, we will review the small handheld ones which save space and can be stored easily.

When choosing the best small leaf blower, you need to keep in mind that a small leaf blower can be very useful in both Summer and Winter because it can also be used inside the house, where the bigger blowers would be too bulky and possibly too powerful to get the job done.

Picking the best leaf blower will mainly revolve around your needs first.  Concentrating on all the relevant features that suit your needs best. Speed, convenience, and price are the most important consideration and for this purpose. The best small, handheld blowers are gas powered.

Large leaf blower


They are the fastest way to rid your garden from leaves quickly. You can also opt for cordless electric blowers which are less powerful than gas ones with limited running time but are lightweight and easy to transport and store.

Here are a few tips to get you started on the way to choosing the best leaf blower for your home:

· Extra Hand Grip:

When opting for a small, handheld model, make sure it has a second grip so you can control the blower easily by distributing its weight.

· Nozzle Design:

You can choose a flat or round nozzle; some models have both. The flatter tip is better for sweeping leaves and a rounder one is good for uprooting leaves embedded in the grass.

· Speed control:

Different speeds of even the smallest leaf blower can let you choose between higher powers for sweeping on hard surfaces and less intense speeds to protect your precious flower beds.

· On/off switch:

A convenient on or off switch will enable you to easily shut the motor or engine.
Keeping all the above discussion in mind, here are the two best and smallest leaf blowers that you must buy for your home:

The Best Small Leaf Blower Overall: Worx WG591

Worx WG591 Lithium-Ion leaf blower

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 The Worx WG591 Lithium-Ion leaf blower is one of the best smallest products available in the market, reflected by hundreds of reviews posted by satisfied customers online:


 Here are some of its features that will certainly blow you away:

· Price: $200 – it is much lower than other small leaf blowers available in the market

· Airspeed: 125 miles per hour

· Volts: 56

· Test performance: It can clear 6 cubic feet of hay from a 400 square foot lawn area in only 32 seconds! It also performed admirably in sliding a brick over concrete for about 15 inches when it blows air from a static position!

· Weight: 8 pounds only!

This mini-powerhouse has an outstanding power-to-weight ratio that gives it more productivity; it can even clean whatever is left behind by other blowers! It is therefore ideal for removing debris from anywhere in the house, from driveways, patios or a deck. Its biggest advantage is its use of lithium-ion batteries run at constant power throughout their life.

The combination of the powerful 56-volt, lithium-ion battery with a high-efficiency motor enables the Worx WG591 to perform on a similar scale to any other gas-powered handheld leaf blower. It weighs only 8 pounds along with the benefit of rechargeable battery so you can carry it around with ease without any hassle!

The Small Smart-Leaf Blower: Kobalt 419016

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The Kobalt 419016 has a straight blower tube 3 inches wide and has a bent end which creates good airflow resistance. This leaf blower also has a lithium-ion battery including the following features:

· Price: $249

· Airspeed: 125 miles per hour

· Volts: 80

· Test performance:

It can clear 6 cubic feet of hay from a 400 square foot lawn area in 32 seconds and slide a brick over concrete for 24 inches.

· Weight: 9.5 pounds only!

It has three airspeed settings which give you more options for adjustment. The best part about this small leaf blower is that it is much quieter than others; it sounds more like a vacuum than a blower.

A battery saving feature turns the blower off after 1 minute of inactivity. After you turn it on again it will automatically resume at the previous setting which is highly convenient for consumers.

Remember, whichever small leaf blower you pick should suit your needs and your home. Also, please consider your environment: check your town’s noise regulations but in any case avoid using them very early or late and of course, protect yourself and your loved ones.

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